What is a iWifi mobile hotspot?

A iWifi mobile hotspot is a small wireless modem that connects any Wi-Fi enabled device to 4G Internet, with a fast and secure connection. For instance, you can connect your laptop, your tablet or your smartphone to Internet while you're in Canada, thus saving you a lot of money in data roaming.It comes pre-configured, and doesn't require any installation!

Why should I rent one?

* You can enjoy Internet where and when you want! You don't have to look for a cafe, a fast food restaurant or go back to your hotel to find a connection!
* It's easy and without obligation. You just have to choose your rental dates.
* It's incredibly fast: browse the web at 4G speed. On vacation or business trips, you certainly have better things to do than hunt for an Internet connection
* It's absolutely unlimited. Surf the web as much as you want, your mind at ease. There are no hidden fees, no small print, no asterisks.
* Save on incredibly high data roaming coasts (up to $10/MB depending on your country). For example, if you would normally use 50MB a day, you would have to pay $500 daily. You stay reachable on your phone number. Indeed, you don't even have to change your phone's simcard.
* You can share the connection with 5 Wi-Fi enabled devices, simultaneously. Feel free to share it with your friends or family!

How fast is the connection?

The connection is ultra-fast if you are covered with 4G. If 4G is not available in your area, then you will be connected to the 3G+ or 3G network.

How much data will I have?

It depends on the plan you selected!

What is included in the iWifi package I will receive?

* You will receive your iWifi hotspot in a protective cover that includes:
* The hotspot, configured and ready to use
* USB cable (to charge it on your computer)
* The instructions for use, with the hotspot's key A prepaid envelope for the return.


How to connect to the Internet for the 1st time?

* Turn on the iWifi personal hotspot
* On your Wi-Fi enabled device (Smartphone, tablet, laptop or other), choose the hotspot's network name (name and password written in the user manual)
* Enter the password . You are connected. For following connections, your device will connect to the hotspot automatically once the hotspot is on.

How many devices can I connect simultaneously?

You can connect up to 5 devices (smartphone, tablet, laptop...) simultaneously!

How long does the battery last?

The battery lasts between 15 hours in use. We recommend that you charge it every night. In order to save the battery, when the hotspot is not in use, we recommend that you turn it off!


When should I book?

The sooner the better to be sure of a hotspot's availability. You can book a Travel Wifi hotspot and pick it up yourself TODAY at our office (Monday-Friday: 10:00am - 5:30pm)!

Payment types

The payment process is done by either Paypal or Stripe, the leading global online payment service providers. We accept the following cards:
Visa, MasterCard, American Express,
When am I debited ?
The debit happens a few days after the online payment.
Is there a deposit?
Yes, we do have a deposit, as the hotspot are expensive!After the booking process, you will be charged the amount of your rental (daily price x duration), and you will authorize a $200 deposit.
The deposit won't be debited, unless we don't receive the hotspot. More info on the conditions page.


You'll find below the different delivery methods:

Delivery Mode Country Service Starting date location from now Price
Self pick-up Canada your! right now free!
Classic delivery Canada Canada Post 3 days or more $15
Express in Toronto Canada Courier 1 or 2 days $16.99
Express outside Toronto Canada UPS 1 or 2 days(3 days on Saturday, 2 days on Sunday) $21.5
North America Outside Canada Fedex/UPS 7 days $16.99


Return with prepaid envelope

You'll find below the different return methods:

Return Mode Country Service Price
Self Return From Toronto You at our office by hand free!
Prepaid return envelope From Toronto Prepaid envelope included $15
Prepaid return envelope From outside Toronto Prepaid envelope included $16.99

When to ship the iWiFi personal mobile hotspot back?
You have to ship it back on the last days end of your rental, for instance, the last day by 11:59 pm.

How to ship it back?

Put your hotspot in the protective case, and the case inside the provided plastic prepaid envelop (the return address is on this envelope), and find a mailbox in the street (very easy to find), at the airport or at a post office.

I lost my return envelope, what should I do?

The best option is going to any postal office, put everything inside, and send it to iWIFI, our address is:
7030 Woodbine Ave #205, Markham, ON L3R 6G2, CANADA

What if I forgot to return the iWifi with the prepaid envelope included?

In this case, please return with an express solution and give us the tracking number by email as soon as possible (, indicate that it is a return merchandise, with a value of $29.


Modification of your rental information

Up to 7 working days before your rental starts, you can modify the following parameters of your command:


The best option is going to any postal office, put everything inside, and send it to iWIFI, our address is:
7030 Woodbine Ave #205, Markham, ON L3R 6G2, CANADA


Contact us right away!

Feel free to contact us (+001-476-939-8566 or, we will do our best to reply within the shortest delay possible.